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Chưa có thống nhất việc phát triển phần mềm cho mùa giải MotoGP 2016


On June 30 the MotoGP manufacturers will halt individual software development and start a unique collaboration with the championship organisers to create a single ECU system for 2016.

That much is known.

But what isn’t decided is whether the manufacturers or Dorna have the final say in terms of which features are, or are not, included in the new ECU. Such authority would determine whether some electronic rider aids, for example, are kept at an advanced level, reduced to a basic system or ruled out entirely.

“Of course we will listen to the manufacturers to improve the software. This is clear,” Corrado Cecchinelli, MotoGP’s Director of Technology, told

“But the point is, firstly, do we have to include everything the manufacturers are asking for or do we have the right to refuse? And secondly, do we have the right to introduce our own evolutions to the software even if the manufacturers don’t like it?”

Currently only the Open class riders are required to use the single ECU, which is developed by Cecchinelli’s team of Magneti-Marelli engineers.

“The way development works at the moment with the Open class riders is a mix,” the Italian said. “Some modifications are asked by the teams and we produce them, but also there is a kind of natural evolution that we lead. And there is nobody that can oppose us introducing new things.

“The way for the [2016 ECU] is not clear. It is still not decided if we have the right to introduce things regardless of whether the manufacturers like it or not. And the other way, if we are forced or not to accept their proposals.”

‘We will not speak to the manufacturers individually’

What is agreed is the procedure by which the manufacturers and Dorna will communicate during ECU development.

“The way it will work is that there will be one representative for the MSMA [manufacturers’ association] that will have writing permissions to introduce new topics to our ‘to do’ list,” Cecchinelli explained.

“We will not speak to the manufacturers individually. The MSMA must decide what they want and then we will only speak to their representative. All contact with the manufacturers will be done through that one person so it is clear to everyone.”

Unofficial Open class software freeze

Alongside the software development freeze for the manufacturers will be a similar ‘cooling’ of this year’s Open class electronics.

“We brought here [to Sepang] a big step in the Open software and our intention is to stick with that version of software for all of this season, unless for bug fixing and minor changes,” Cecchinelli said.

“This is because we already started our 2016 job, which is porting all of these strategies into what will be the unified software. So the plan is that the Open software is done and will not change radically so we can concentrate on 2016.”

While Open teams struggled to use last year’s major upgrade, which coincided with Ducati’s attempt to leave the Factory class, Cecchinelli is confident that all Open competitors will be using the latest software by round one.

“The concept is always to make the biggest step during the winter, but this year the step is much less than last year so nobody will be, let’s say, surprised or scared,” he said. “It is much more ‘friendly’ than last year. The plan is to test it here, at the next test and again in Qatar and then take the decision but I think we will start the season with it.

“We would prefer that everybody is on the new version and kill all the old versions. More than one software version is allowed, so anybody that is not familiar with the new one could still use the old one. But for me I would like that at the first race everybody is on the same version.”

The second Sepang test takes place from February 23-26.


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