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FL Unknown Lewis Hamilton Tyre temps 100 front, 97 rear. The field is quite spread so we need to bunch them up a bit.
2 Gianpiero Lambiase Daniil Kvyat Danny, all OK with that car?
2 Daniil Kvyat Gianpiero Lambiase Yeah all OK at the moment.
2 Carlos Sainz Jnr Marco Matassa Don’t talk me in the corners, please.
3 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So just confirmation expect rear to feel weak initially before the front starts to grain.
3 Marco Matassa Carlos Sainz Jnr Sainz spun at the turn one.
OK Carlos no problem, no problem, stay calm, we are faster of the car ahead of us. The race is long, we have 55 laps.
3 Daniil Kvyat Gianpiero Lambiase I’m really struggling for the grip.
3 Gianpiero Lambiase Daniil Kvyat Yep, copy. Things will improve in the next couple of laps, it will settle down, don’t worry.
4 Tim Wright Sergio Perez Two cars ahead are four-tenths quicker but Kvyat is struggling.
5 Daniel Ricciardo Simon Rennie Losing a bit of time. Should we box?
5 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Understood, mate, we are looking into other strategies. Stay out, stay out.
5 Gianpiero Lambiase Daniil Kvyat Kvyat let Ricciardo past on lap six.
OK Danny you have Daniel behind, Ricciardo behind. Do not fight him. We are on different strategies.
7 Daniel Ricciardo Simon Rennie He’s left me open then cut me. He’s got to let me by.
7 Gianpiero Lambiase Daniil Kvyat Danny we are on different strategies to Daniel, OK?
7 Daniil Kvyat Gianpiero Lambiase Yeah he has to get in the tow.
7 Gianpiero Lambiase Daniil Kvyat Do not hold, do not hold Daniel.
7 Tom Stallard Jenson Button Jenson we’re considering plan B. How are the tyres?
7 Jenson Button Tom Stallard Tyres are OK, rears going away first.
7 Tom Stallard Jenson Button Jenson Red Bull are about to swap positions, be useful to stay close if we can, there may be opportunity.
8 David Greenwood Kimi Raikkonen Tyre temps look very, very good Kimi. Everything looks on target to be able to do the length of stint we need.
8 Jonathan Eddolls Valtteri Bottas Give us feedback on the tyres when you can.
8 Valtteri Bottas Jonathan Eddolls Still consistent, it’s no problem.
9 Mark Temple Fernando Alonso OK Fernando we need to try and get past if we can. We’re on plan A still, target minus five.
9 Mark Slade Pastor Maldonado Maldonado overtook Nasr on the main straight.
Well done Pastor, good move.
9 Brad Joyce Nico Hulkenberg Feedback on the tyres?
9 Nico Hulkenberg Brad Joyce They’re not in great shape to be honest.
10 Mark Temple Fernando Alonso We’re not sure about [medium] tyre pace at the moment they may not be great. How many laps can you do on this set? Can you do five?
10 Fernando Alonso Mark Temple Yes, yes.
10 Nico Hulkenberg Brad Joyce I lost the gearbox, Something bad happened.
10 Brad Joyce Nico Hulkenberg OK copy that. Find a safe place to park the car. Unlucky, Nico.
10 Nico Hulkenberg Brad Joyce Think something went really wrong there. It’s a big bang.
10 Brad Joyce Nico Hulkenberg Right, OK, understood.
10 Nico Hulkenberg Brad Joyce I’ll switch it off.
11 Daniel Ricciardo Simon Rennie I say we get off this tyre as soon as we can, it’s not getting any better.
11 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Understood mate, we are looking at the difference between the tyres.
12 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Daniel, update is [medium] is not looking great. I know you’re struggling on the [soft] but the [medium] does not look good.
12 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So attack if you want.
12 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington The balance is quite good so what you plan?
12 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton We’ll just stick to the plan.
13 Max Verstappen Xevi Pujolar I’m behind Carlos, guys.
13 Xevi Pujolar Max Verstappen Yes, he will let you go.
13 Marco Matassa Carlos Sainz Jnr Max on new tyres and different strategy. Let him through now.
14 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Other people are experiencing the same thing as you. You are on the same pace as the Williams at the moment.
15 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton So gap to Nico 2.5. Let us know what you think about going to [soft] next stint for a longer stint.
15 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington These tyres are fine. These tyres are lasting pretty well.
15 Mark Temple Fernando Alonso We need good pace now, we’ve almost got the pit gap to Kvyat. Let’s push.
15 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Box, box, Nico. We are going to [soft] tyre. Confirm you want to keep the same flap setting for the next [soft].
15 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Confirm, the same.
15 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Copy, flap the same.
17 Daniil Kvyat Gianpiero Lambiase Another Renault power unit problem ended Kvyat’s race.
No power.
17 Gianpiero Lambiase Daniil Kvyat Stand by.
17 Daniil Kvyat Gianpiero Lambiase OK I’m on fire.
17 Gianpiero Lambiase Daniil Kvyat OK. Position P0 if you can, mate. Jump out. Jump from the chassis.
17 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Yellow into turn six, look for oil down on the entry.
17 Fernando Alonso Mark Temple Massive oversteer. Do we have a problem? [Unclear] Friday?
17 Mark Temple Fernando Alonso Fernando we can see similar issues to Friday. We’re keeping an eye on it. I’ll let you know if things get worse. Use the toys as much as you can.
18 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Ricciardo passed Sainz.
Nice job, mate. Let’s get after Ericsson. Let’s do him.
18 Marco Matassa Carlos Sainz Jnr How many laps on these tyres, you think?
18 Carlos Sainz Jnr Marco Matassa The less possible. Three maximum. They are not working.
19 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So Nico gap to Lewis in front 2.6
19 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross OK Tony need to reduce the communication, please, I can see Lewis, I know what I have to do for now.
19 Josh Peckett Will Stevens The race leader is seven seconds behind.
20 David Greenwood Kimi Raikkonen Pace is good, last lap six-tenths quicker than Hamilton, looks like they might be managing their tyres for this stint.
20 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Lewis is driving very slow so get him to speed up.
20 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Preceding message not broadcast
Copy that
21 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross If I go closer I destroy my tyres like in my first stint, that’s the problem.
21 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Hamilton did a 1’43.9 on lap 20, 1’43.7s on the next two laps, then a 1’43.8 after which his times fell to 1’43.7 or less.
OK Lewis we’d like to pick the pace up a little bit. Target 43.7. Let us know if that’s possible.
21 Mark Temple Fernando Alonso [Soft] tyre deg looks lower than expected. We’re still on plan A target lap but we’re thinking of a change to [soft] tyre final stint. How’s the balance on this set?
21 Fernando Alonso Mark Temple Oversteer.
21 Mark Temple Fernando Alonso OK understood that’s probably our Friday issue, we’ll see what we can do in the pit stop. We want to try and close on Jenson at the end of the stint, he will have to run [medium] at the end. We may have opportunities there.
21 Fernando Alonso Mark Temple Maybe they need to work three stops, we see how many laps people do in the soft and don’t stop too early in our last stint and make it too long.
21 Mark Temple Fernando Alonso Absolutely. We’ve got good data from the first stint. We’ll keep an eye on the others, though.
23 Mark Temple Fernando Alonso And Fernando we’re not sure the fuel dash is working correctly. Can we have multi H 13 position two.
23 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So wear information from the first set, Nico: left-front most worn, 30 remaining. Rears look in reasonable condition.
24 Xevi Pujolar Max Verstappen You’re closing the gap with the guys ahead, the two Lotus, so keep it like this and look after the tyres.
25 Carlos Sainz Jnr Marco Matassa No gearbox. Nothing is happening
25 Marco Matassa Carlos Sainz Jnr Sainz slowed at the start of the main straight, then picked up speed again.
Stand by. I will let you know. Upshift, clutch upshift.
25 Carlos Sainz Jnr Marco Matassa Nothing, nothing. No.
25 Marco Matassa Carlos Sainz Jnr OK.
25 Romain Grosjean Julien Simon-Chautemps The rear end is weird.
25 Julien Simon-Chautemps Romain Grosjean OK Romain we can’t see anything wrong. Keep pushing. Suggest diff entry six.
26 Marco Matassa Carlos Sainz Jnr The race is not finished. Let’s push to the maximum, let’s see what we’ve got. Come on.
26 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo OK Daniel it’s going to get pretty tasty ahead of you. Nasr at the front of the group is one [medium], Perez is on [soft].
27 David Greenwood Kimi Raikkonen First stint tyre wear was good. Rear pressures are now much more under control. So it must be possible to go longer this stint.
27 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton From lap 27 Hamilton’s lap times were 1’43.6, 1’43.6, 1’43.2, 1’43.0, 1’42.2 and 1’42.3, after which he pitted. Had Mercedes carried out their threat to bring Rosberg into the pits first it’s likely he would have jumped ahead of Hamilton into the lead.
OK Lewis so minimum target lap time 43.3, otherwise may have to stop Nico first.
28 Mark Temple Fernando Alonso How are the tyres?
28 Fernando Alonso Mark Temple Difficult to know with the oversteer we have in the car. I have destroyed the rears as well. So high speed turns the car is not working.
29 Riccardo Adami Sebastian Vettel Can you go faster tham this, Seb?
29 Sebastian Vettel Riccardo Adami Not much. Not by much. I’m on the limit. The problem is the closer I get the more I’m in the dirty air.
29 Riccardo Adami Sebastian Vettel OK, copy.
30 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross My front-left is becoming a problem.
30 Riccardo Adami Sebastian Vettel OK push now and box, Sebastian, box.
30 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK Lewis that’s good, target lap time. Just stick to the plan. It’ll turn out good.
31 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So Nico box, box, box, push hard now.
31 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK Lewis so pushing hard, I know you are.
32 Dave Robson Felipe Massa OK Felipe this still looks good relative to the cars around us. This is still good and we are looking at target plus three.
32 David Greenwood Kimi Raikkonen After Vettel pitted early to try to undercut the Mercedes, Raikkonen in the other Ferrari was brought in later to try to attack the leaders with fresher tyres.
OK Kimi so plan is to try and go longer on this tyre and have a shorter stint at the end.
32 Daniel Ricciardo Simon Rennie OK any info on the [medium]?
32 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Range doesn’t look fantastic. Ericsson has to do 28 laps on his [medium].
33 Tim Wright Sergio Perez Perez passed Alonso.
Good job Checo, keep pushing.
33 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK Lewis box box. Let us know on flap adjust. We are going to go three turns unless we hear from you.
33 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Information: Nico went down four turns, we are going to go three.
33 Jenson Button Tom Stallard Front-left is shot, front-left is struggling a lot.
33 Tom Stallard Jenson Button OK Jenson box this lap.
34 David Greenwood Kimi Raikkonen This is good, Kimi, keep it up.
35 Mark Slade Pastor Maldonado Pastor, do we need a front wing?
35 Pastor Maldonado Mark Slade Maldonado went off at the pit lane exit.
No, no. I didn’t touch. Sorry about that.
35 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Hamilton had complained about his seat overheating on more than one occasion earlier in practice and qualifying.
Seat’s getting hot again.
37 Mark Temple Fernando Alonso Tyre debris stuck to the rear wing and affecting the airflow may have been the ‘Friday problem’ McLaren referred to earlier.
And Fernando box this lap, confirm. OK that’s good. We’re going to have a longer stop than normal, possibly we’re going to try and clean the rear wing so just be aware of that.
38 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington How’s the pace of the Ferraris?
38 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Vettel 43.9, Kimi 43.3.
39 Dave Robson Felipe Massa The situation ahead is that Raikkonen is quite a long way ahead but he’s currently lapping 1’43.5s and is saving his tyres. We are happy with the tyres so we can push on.
41 David Greenwood Kimi Raikkonen Safety Car window is open. It would be a free pit stop. We would stay in the same position.
41 Mark Slade Pastor Maldonado Any damage, Pastor?
41 Pastor Maldonado Mark Slade No.
42 David Greenwood Kimi Raikkonen This is good, Kimi. Alonso will be a blue flag. Just keep closing the gap.
42 Fernando Alonso Mark Temple Looks like a message intended to be heard by the race director with the aim of preventing Alonso from getting a blue flag which would delay him.
Raikkonen is not catching up so I cannot drop that much.
42 Mark Temple Fernando Alonso Understood Fernando we can see Raikkonen is not catching up.
43 Jenson Button Tom Stallard Who are the two cars behind me and are we racing them?
43 Tom Stallard Jenson Button Jenson the car behind is Maldonado. You are racing Malaondo. He spun, he is on [medium] as well.
43 Kimi Raikkonen David Greenwood Come on, get that McLaren out of the way.
43 David Greenwood Kimi Raikkonen We are on to Charlie [Whiting, race director] now.
45 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Renault drive-ability problems resurface for Ricciardo.
OK charge six, we see the problem. Charge six, we see you’ve got some clips.
46 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo OK mate let’s knuckle down. I’ll give you Nasr’s lap times, he’s doing 44.5 ahead of you.
46 Daniel Ricciardo Simon Rennie What am I doing?
46 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo You can do 43.9 in clear air.
46 Kimi Raikkonen David Greenwood Come on, get these two cars out of the way.
46 David Greenwood Kimi Raikkonen Copy, understood.
47 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo OK Daniel pace is good. You are catching Nasr half a second a lap at least, good job.
48 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo OK Daniel this pace is very good. Keep it up, people will struggle at the end.
49 Tom Stallard Jenson Button Button collided with Maldonado.
Jenson how’s the car, is there damage to the car?
49 Jenson Button Tom Stallard Yeah there is to the front wing. Have to see how it is.
50 Mark Slade Pastor Maldonado Any damage, Pastor? On our side everything looks OK, Pastor. Tyre pressures are good.
50 Pastor Maldonado Mark Slade I have a failure in the brakes.
51 Tom Stallard Jenson Button OK Jenson we can see some aerodynamic loss. How’s the balance?
51 Jenson Button Tom Stallard It’s OK to stay out.
51 Tom Stallard Jenson Button Copy that, stay out.
52 Mark Slade Pastor Maldonado OK cool the brakes, Pastor. We are boxing this lap. To retire.
54 Mark Temple Fernando Alonso We still see the Friday issues have come back so don’t take any risks, let’s make sure we get to the end.
54 Max Verstappen Xevi Pujolar Verstappen retired with an engine problem. His car stopped on the pit straight which brought the Safety Car out.
Problem, problem. Oh man…
55 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Are they not going to move that car?
55 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton We’ll see what happens there, Lewis. Two laps remaining.
56 Jenson Button Tom Stallard We’re supposed to try and catch the Safety Car, right?
56 Tom Stallard Jenson Button Jenson the Safety Car was deployed after Fernando passed SC1 [Safety Car Line One] we believe, so he still has to drive to the delta for this lap, do not try to overtake him.
56 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington So we’re going to finish behind the Safety Car?
56 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Affirm, Lewis. Looks that way.
56 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton So there will be no overtaking.
VL Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Great stuff Lewis, great stuff. Stellar weekend, mate. That’s a full house.
VL Paddy Lowe Lewis Hamilton Great job, Lewis, fantastic win.
VL Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Great job all weekend, guys. Woo! Yeah, man!
VL Paddy Lowe Nico Rosberg Great job Nico, one-two for the team. Not good for you but good for the team result.
VL Riccardo Adami Sebastian Vettel Yes, P3. Well done, mate. Another podium, good effort.
VL Sebastian Vettel Riccardo Adami Good job, guys. Just a bit too quick today. I think on the [softs] we were more competitive but on the [mediums] it was a bit more difficult. But grazie ragazzi [thanks boys]. Grande lavoro [great effort]. Un altra podio [another podium].
VL David Greenwood Kimi Raikkonen OK good job Kimi.
VL Kimi Raikkonen David Greenwood Thank you.
VL Felipe Massa Dave Robson Yeah we did the best of the race. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the Ferraris but it was a good race. Thank you guys.
VL Dave Robson Felipe Massa Cheers Felipe, nice job, another good, solid race. Good performance, looked after the tyres well, two good stints on the [medium] there.
VL Jonathan Eddolls Valtteri Bottas P6, good job. Beaten by cars that were quicker today.
VL Julien Simon-Chautemps Romain Grosjean Well done mate, good job, first point of the season.
VL Romain Grosjean Julien Simon-Chautemps Good job guys. Not easy on the second stint but this is for you and a little bit for Jules.
VL Craig Gardiner Felipe Nasr That’s P8. Well done that was a solid race and good pace also.
VL Felipe Nasr Craig Gardiner So P8 for us then?
VL Craig Gardiner Felipe Nasr Confirm, P8.
VL Felipe Nasr Craig Gardiner OK. Good job guys, We had no chance early on in the race. Anyway, still some good points.
VL Craig Gardiner Felipe Nasr Yep, worked out well.
VL Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo We were in with a good shout there mate, bit of a shame about the Safety Car for us, you were doing a great job in that last stint.
VL Erik Schuivens Marcus Ericsson OK Marcus well done. We’re P10, Felipe managed to get P8, Ricciardo in between. Think you showed a good fight, good overtaking, good defending. It wasn’t too easy, think we picked up a bit too much understeer actually. Maybe the track picked up some grip and the rear end gained more than the front end.
VL Marcus Ericsson Erik Schuivens I was struggling a lot in the low speed with the front tyres not working at all. Slow and medium speed was difficult, Anyway we got some points, that’s good. Or one point!
VL Mark Temple Fernando Alonso OK Fernando that is the end of the race. We finished P12, got both cars home. That’s a good step forward. Had a few difficulties during the race but hopefully had a fight at times.
VL Fernando Alonso Mark Temple Yeah it’s OK guys. First race really for me so good to bring the car home. We know soon we will have a little bit more fun.
VL Mark Temple Fernando Alonso Absolutely.


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